Quality Education

Education seems to become a luxury. School closures due to financial issues and college debt accumulation are the only inheritance left for our children. Now, it is time for a rapid change. We certainly need to keep our small children engaged with influential after school programs. I promise to be part of the solution. As a Boston Public School graduate, I believe in quality education for all children.

I will work with other state representatives and state senators to make sure that our classroom has what it needs to achieve every child’s dreams by increasing chapter 70 funding. My vision is to continue to advocate and ensure a better public education system. I promise to bring a strategic plan to minimize the debt crisis for our current and former college students. I also promise to strengthen the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Public schools, all the community colleges, and universities across the board to maximize the standards of education for all.

Affordable Housing

I support affordable housing and Fairness development. The statistic shows lower wages and productivity basically costs the American economy too much due to the shortage of affordable housing. It’s imperative to fight against housing shortage and create more affordable housing for all. “AFFORDABLE HOUSING” is one of my top priorities. Having purchased a house in Hyde Park, I completely understand how hard the process is to live the American dream when buying even consider renting, and how bad the market is, even before Covid-19. As your leader, I will work with other legislators to create strategic plans to build more affordable housing for hardworking families.

 I totally understand how hard and expensive the cost of living is in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts can be. Families cannot respond to housing costs with minimum wages. If the state income tax is the largest source of funding for state programs and services such as housing, education, create jobs, infrastructures, and so on. Why can’t it be at the people’s needs? Again, it lacks a mechanism for accountability. The statistic shows that the family would have to work over ninety hours in order to afford a one-bedroom apartment. Families are barely seeing their children because they are doing two to three jobs just to have a decent living. It should not have to be like that. After I get elected, I will work closely with state and local representatives including housing administrations to develop strategic housing laws and policies to support all the hardworking families.

As your next state representative, I will work together with Section 8 administrators On finding common ground to improve the working liaison they have with landlords and tenants to prevent Section-8 vouchers from terminating. I personally think the more you encourage hardworking families; then the better it is for us as leaders, because it will reflect back on our society. Parents will have more time for their children, so they can monitor their children’s activities much better. I will support and implement the section-8 voucher programs, and perhaps using a rent to own programs as well. I will also work in partnership with other legislators to develop laws and policies to ensure that homeowners can actually exercise their full legal rights of redemption to redeem their homes within three years after the bank seized it. Our residents in the District will be champion on getting what is rightfully theirs back to their hands.

Reducing Substance Abuse

First and foremost, I understand that health care is a human right and not a privilege. I believe expanding health care access is the best remedy for treating people with any type of medical difficulties, notably addiction. I also believe that no one should be encouraged to get sick. Again, I think expanding treatment should be the best remedy to treat people with any type of medical difficulty such as the “Opioid crisis.” Opioid-related drug overdose is a topic that is extremely important in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. According to DPH and Massachusetts Opioid epidemic, Opioid-related overdose deaths have been deteriorated. As your next state representative, I will have a comprehensive addiction and prepare strategic planning for health care facilities. I will also work with other legislators to develop certain strategies based on education programs covering addiction pain and behavioral health.

As your next state representative, I will have town meetings, and listen to community concerns and provide the best immediate results. I will absolutely prioritize and act promptly to needs in the community for better treatments and preventions. I will certainly support and implement a “Safe Injection Site” to provide meaningful access, supervision, and full rehab treatment to follow. I want to assure you that I will stand accountable for the decisions I will be making. I will not make them to score points. I will work with state and local representatives to develop ways to measure the impacts of decisions on the day-to-day life of people throughout the community and make adjustments as or when needed.

Public Health Care

According to (W.H.O) World Health Organization, Health is a fundamental human right. The right to health means that everyone should and must have access to the health care services they need. I will work with MA congressional to develop a strategic plan to health care access for everyone without suffering financial hardship. I will make sure that no one loses their lives just because they have a different skin color, they are neglect because they are homeless, or orphaned.

When it comes to women’s health, I strongly believe that women have the right to their privacy. I strongly support Reproductive Rights. I believe that the State, Local and Federal governments should stay away from women’s health care privacy. I am committed to promoting comprehensive safe sex education in secondary schools, instead of controlling women’s rights. I will also fight tirelessly for full Medicare to everyone especially when it comes to women’s rights.

Small Business Growth

As your next state representative, I Pledge to work with other legislators to stimulate “SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH”. I honestly want to end the closure gaps in the small business sector. Because of a lack of support from consumers and elected officials, Approximately 80% of new businesses fail within the first year. I have a unique view that is fair and equitable for every small business owner. I personally promote small business development. I promise to work with other state representatives and state senators, to secure smart grants to help small business growth.


Along with other colleagues in the legislation, I will fight hard to allocate loans with 0% interest for up 6months post-COVID-19. I will also encourage tax breaks to assist our small businesses post-COVID-19. I certainly believe that Small Businesses are the backbone of every city’s economy. Keeping it Local that is also my campaign slogan meaning: “Eat Local, Shop Local, & Consume Local.” Therefore, I strongly believe there’s a need for a new leader with bold ideas to develop and move our entire communities forward for all. Please allow me to be the voice for the voiceless, and fight for the powerless.

Reliable Public Transportation

First and foremost, reliable Transportation is one of my focus points. I know exactly how to start new and face challenges. I believe in “RESPONSIBLE, RELIABLE, and ACCESSIBLE Transportation System” throughout the commonwealth and most importantly our 14th Suffolk District. As your next leader, I will work with other leaders at the legislation to support a better, reliable, accessible transportation system. I will also fight for an environmentally friendly transportation system. As State Representative, I will encourage MBTA to save our environment by going green.

One other key point for the District that I have witnessed first-hand is certain machines in Readville cleaning the Train tracks late at night making loud noise and leaving behind the smoke and disturb residents in two major ways. Residents cannot sleep at night because of the loud noise and inhaling their very dark fumes into their lungs system. I personally do not believe that people in Readville, Fairmont, Cleary Square, or even Roslindale have to consume or inhale that kind of fume. It is absolutely not good for the Readville residents as well as the environment. Keolis or the state should have stepped in and resolved this matter accordingly. I promise to be accessible, return calls within 24 hours and put people’s concerns first and into actions.

Duckens on a bus

Union/Employees' Rights

All rights must be protected. I will work with other legislators to develop a strategic plan to defend and promote all rights and secure all employees’ benefits whether they are fully active or retired. I will certainly fight to protect the right of all public and private employees. Extend paid family leave and sick time to all employees especially government employees with an inclusive definition of family.

I certainly will not support unfairness wages/values when it comes to women earning 90 cents less for every dollar a man in the same age group and with the same job title/position is earning. I will work tirelessly with other legislators to eradicate sexism in both private and public sector workplaces and support positions and wage equity in the workplace. I certainly believe that our District deserves someone like me to fight tirelessly for our most progressive values, such as making sure there’s a level of opportunity for the hardworking families

Teachers' Rights

We certainly unhappy the fact that our Teachers are not financially secure even before or during COVID-19. Something is not working properly to support our teachers’ values. As an elected official, we must do something immediately to prevent further damage to our teachers’ standards. Once I get elected, I will work collectively with fellow representatives and senators to protect their pension/retirement. I will also fight tirelessly for full Medicare to the “unrecognized” hardworking families.

Political Pressure Within the Legislature

I will be in the House to represent and advocate on behalf of everyone including state/local private and public agencies throughout the commonwealth and most importantly our 14th Suffolk District. As our next state representative, I promise that I will represent everyone impartially. I also promise to hold town meetings to listen to concerns and answer questions on a regular basis. I certainly believe that our District deserves someone like me to fight tirelessly for our most progressive values, such as making sure there’s a level of opportunity for hardworking families. Remember: “Our communities’ success is our success.”

Environment/Renewable Energy

Climate change is a global issue. In order to establish an immediate consistency solution, we must develop strategic plans and highlights our most essential obligations and responsibilities. Studies showed that Earth’s atmosphere now contains more carbon dioxide (CO2) than at any time in up to a few million years. The average annual rate deteriorated far more. One thing that I do not want to be is a bluffing politician. The constituents deserved better than a leader who will not be transparent or accessible.

 When it comes to climate change, I pledge to act on it with rapid solutions. I will also work with every community partner and demand MBTA to stop polluting our District especially Hyde Park line, Roslindale line, Fairmont line, Readville line, and strongly encourage them to go green instead. I know the quality of life in our community depends on the quality of our Environmental Justice system. Therefore, I am committed to making our community a safer and better place to live and to work. I will also work with the MBTA to refrain using their horns at night.

 As our next state representative, I want to be very clear that climate change will take effect immediately. However, it will be a slow process, but I promise to work alongside with other legislators to develop a rapid strategy to eradicate environment pollution and establish green throughout the commonwealth. I promise to be firm about it. Toxic Climate is very dangerous to our society, and leaders that we voted for must protect our environment. Our entire country is facing lots of toxic chemicals.

 With the collaboration from other legislators we will cut off fossil fuel; and encourage more Biking, Solar Energy, and Electrification. I am sure and certain that the Transportation System will end up produce fewer fumes to contaminate the environment. No one absolutely can defend the environment better than me. As a person who is currently working in the Transportation System, I understand how transportation plays a major role in hurting our environment (greenhouse gas). I promise to fight for the best types of energy sources. Again, once I get elected I will make sure that politics of climate will no longer remain highly polarized rather bring rapid solutions.

Safer Streets for All

Speaking of safety, Gun control is one of the subjects of everyday news; no lawmakers seem to find a rightful solution to that matter. I believe safety comes down to education. As your next state representative, I will work with other legislators to develop laws and policies along with school administrations to offer Comprehensive Education that provides information about the potential consequences (Pros and Cons) of possessing any type of weapon, especially assault weapons that can create disorderly conducts. I am a relentless fighter against gun violence. I strongly support prevention research on all types of violence to reduce fear and create safer streets.

 After I get elected, I will develop strategic plans to prevent mass-shootings, and create safety in our streets. I will utilize and promote the buyback programs, as well as increase security measures in many public places including Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, and Churches. I am very concerned about the safety of our communities. As your next state representative, I promise to bring greater safety to our community by expanding after school programs. As a long time and a community activist the Newly Elected Fresh Slate Ward 18 Democratic Committee, I have pledged to help bring hopeful insight into our community’s problems, needs, and examine the issues as well as listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns.

Immigration Reform

Immigrants are highly important throughout the entire country and most importantly in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Immigrants certainly play a net positive effect on productivity and economic prosperity in America. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts welcomes every immigrant worldwide. We have Immigrants contribute to our taxes to the betterment of our economy. I am very proud to be a person of color and be able to represent my fellow immigrants. Boston is one of our greatest hometowns to welcome the third-largest immigrants throughout the United States. As an immigrant person who is from a beautiful Island call Haiti. I understand immigration issues more than any other candidate in this race.

 I will work with other legislators to develop strategic plans to prevent the DACA Dreamers to be vanished by this current administration in Washington DC. We must elect me because I am someone who can act promptly to prevent a mass undocumented people to lose his or her protected status on a daily basis under DACA. When it comes to immigration issues, you need someone who can certainly relate to you, someone that looks like, that thinks like you and that is going through the same thing you are currently going through or used to go through. As the only black African American who is also the only immigrant person running for this seat, it is our only chance to act now. I have made this decision to run for public office is because people like you and I are tired of asking politicians to represent us and our interests when all they want is to keep the same system in place as a guarantee to be re-elected the next time around.

 When we say we need better housing policy, politicians say yes and ignore us by giving their votes to keep the same policies in place because it benefits their donors. When we say we need a better transportation system, politicians say yes and nothing is done. When we say that pollution is killing our elders, neighbors, and our kids they always say yes, and nothing is done. When we ask for better conditions to help and for the emergence of small businesses, more help is giving to big businesses with political connections. We understand now that our problems are not their problems. So brothers and sisters, call a friend, a classmate, a family member and let’s elect me as our next state representative cause that’s the only sure way that we are going to have better immigration stability, reliable transportation, affordable housing, quality education, grants for small business growth and clean environment and so on and so forth.

 As your next state representative, I will also fight to make sure that our multicultural community has some welcoming centers for newcomers to be oriented and guided into a successful path. I will fight for all immigrants, regardless you’re undocumented, you have TPS, DACA or permanent residents, etc. 

Civic Engagement

In order to create the change that we have been chanted and preached about, we need more youth involvement in the community. Let’s be more active in our community. We must work together to promote trustworthiness and reliability. Make no mistakes; my campaign is our new generation movement. I promise to work with other state and local representatives to develop strategic plans to unite the community and promote community policing. I will not stop fighting for the betterment of our great city.

Racial and Social Justice

As your next state representative, I have pledged to help bring hopeful insight into our community’s problems, needs, and examine the issues as well as listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns. I promise to fight against income inequality and dismantling barriers to opportunity. As I stated before, I have made this decision to run for public office is because people like you and I are tired of asking politicians to represent us and our interests when all they want is to keep the same system in place as a guarantee to be re-elected the next time around. I promise to work closely with other progressive legislators to develop a strong strategy to promote trustworthiness among the law-enforcement authorities.

I strongly support defunding the police forces. I support advance equal and meaningful access to economic Justice through the courts for everyone. I believe that equal access to education and economic justice will lead to a fairer society. If I am part of the solution, I cannot just wait around and ignored what’s going on throughout the commonwealth of Massachusetts. I strongly believe in fundamental changes that truly level the playing field for generations to come, and not in “Band-Aid-solution” designed for appeasement. Again, regardless of your ethnicity, I believe in equal justice for all. Again, as a person of color who understands exactly the painful moment, we have been through for years, yet it is our duty and our only chance to elect a person that looks just like you and thinks just like you and a person that has been through the journey with you and feeling the same pain as you all.

We need a truthful and reliable leader, but not an opportunist leader. If we are very powerful, but why we currently have no voices in these ongoing racist acts. Too many opportunist politicians take too much advantage of us and no wonder why we are so voiceless and feel like we are powerless. Well, if you all allow me to be your voice, and fight to gain back our power I guarantee everyone that we will gain our voices and gain the respect that we earned from many years ago. Again, most politicians are opportunists. They are only on the streets with us, is because they are trying to secure their seat by showing supports to steal our votes as they always do and once the election is over we are no longer in the title of their supports. Let’s not be fooled by their masquerade characters. Right now, I am that only voice that will stand firm with you all during this ongoing matter, and after the election is over.

Social Impact and Rights

I will work with other legislators to support youth that still struggles with mental health issues. I will work collaboratively with legislators about how we can implement these feelings translate into educational environments. We will work along with other legislators about other laws or policies that work from other states such as training programs for people like educators to learn how to support LGBTQ youth. I will again work with other representatives and senators to Create inclusive and diverse workplaces.

Essential Values

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