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Candidate for State Representative, 14th Suffolk

Duckens Petit-Maitre truly appreciates the opportunity to serve and work with the public. Duckens has had and continues to play multiple roles in Boston: Fresh Slate Ward 18 committee member, member of the local 589 Boston Carmen’s Union for nearly a decade, an essential worker for the MBTA as a bus operator at the Arborway garage for nearly 10 years, appointed City of Boston Constable for 12 years, and a notary public. Duckens is presently attending the Massachusetts School of Law and his previous education includes a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies with a minor in Business Administration, an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, and Information Technology Specialist certification. He has volunteered for several political campaigns and is driven to support our communities, the people he believes in. He’s grateful to serve our district and would like your support and your vote in the primary election on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

Reasons Duckens Petit-Maitre is Running

A Passionate Advocate for Fairness and Progress

Duckens is running for State Representative in the 14th Suffolk District because he has a unique perspective on fairness and equitability for everyone. He believes there’s an urgent need for a new leader with the bold ideas to develop and move our entire communities forward. Concerned about the safety of our communities, he’s a relentless fighter against gun violence and supports prevention research on all types of violence to reduce fear and create safer streets.

Duckens understands that health care is a human right and not a privilege. He believes expanding health care access is the best remedy for treating people with any type of medical difficulty, notably addiction. He strongly supports reproductive rights and is committed to promoting comprehensive safe sex education in the secondary schools, instead of controlling women’s rights.

He understands that hardworking families deserve reliable, approachable, and trustworthy representation that is committed to supporting entire communities. No one can represent the “unrecognized” hardworking families more effectively than Duckens Petit-Maitre. He will focus on governmental efficiency and ensure that we have transparency and equal opportunities for all. Duckens is bold, progressive, and independent and will fight to ensure all voices are heard.

As a Boston Public School graduate, Duckens believes in quality education for all children and will make sure that each classroom has the resources needed to achieve every student’s dream by increasing Chapter 70 funding. He will fight for a reliable transportation system and believes promoting Green will help to save our environment. As State Representative, he will deliver solutions in partnership with you all.

Statistics show that low wages and productivity cost the American economy too much due to the shortage of affordable housing. Duckens promotes fair and affordable housing for all. Let’s bring greater safety to our community by expanding after school programs. Schools should offer comprehensive information about the potential consequences of possessing any type of weapon, especially assault weapons! Duckens promotes small business development and wants to prevent small businesses from closing due to lack of support from consumers and elected officials.

Know that State Representative Duckens will dedicate himself in service to everyone impartially. Again, he humbly asks for your vote on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

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